Have you finally come to a point in your life where you are:

Sick of not remembering how you even got to bed last night and wondering if you said something wrong or did something outrageous that would upset your partner?

Dreading the stories being relayed to you of how you acted the night before and whether you ridiculed yourself or put your BIG foot in it?

Exhausted by all the arguing and the repercussions of the “angry drunk: behaviour that is simply emotionally devastating?

Sick of promising yourself you will never drink again, swear yourself off alcohol only to find yourself 2 or 3 days later OR even that night hanging out for “hair of the dog?”

Exasperated with the 2 voices in your head; the demon that’s up for the drink and a laugh (after all it’s sociable and that is what you are known for) and the other voice insisting that you have to stop. The demon always wins?

Wasting hours of recovery time in bed, while you are missing out on your kids, your spouse and your life?

Feeling you would love to have the power to take it or leave it! Meaning that on a night out, you have the option of saying: “I’ll drive” knowing you can still have just a good a time?

Feeling you have no option but to drink; the choice seems not to be in your hands?

Sick of feeling you are operating on 2 cylinders instead of 4 and knowing deep down inside you would feel so much better if you lost weight and felt way fitter?

Do you feel there is an invisible force holding you back from controlling your drinking and you just can’t seem to crack it?

  • I can help you take back control, not have to rely on willpower, stop the 2 voices in your head pulling you like a yoyo in each of their directions until you are exhausted.
  • I will show you how to give up or quit for a while to change your relationship with alcohol EASILY with no fear, regret or sadness! I After working with me, you will NOT be envying others who are drinking to excess; quite the opposite. It does not mean you have to quit forever!
  • I will introduce you to a life where you wake up Fresh, Vitalised, Ready To Go for you and your family.
  • I will help you smash down all these barriers and belief systems in your mind and get that confidence you need to make the change NOW in your life. Don’t wait any longer – ACT TODAY and get your life back!

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It’s time to stop feeling unfulfilled and using alcohol as your strength and alibi – time to break the vicious circle!