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Facing The Fear of Not Drinking Alcohol

You may fear you changing as a person, the reactions you are going to get from friends and family, your confidence you can do this, your grief of missing it as your alibi & stress reliever etc., your ability to cope with the triggers, how you are going to cope on a night out without an alcoholic drink in your hand, the fear of being labelled “boring” – the list just goes on!

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Can you cope and resist the temptation

Are you really going to be able to cope and resist the temptation? Especially on a night out when the reaction of your friends hits home? “ WHAT! don’t be boring” and “one won’t hurt!”. “Come on you’re one of us, don’t ruin the night by sitting there with a coke!” “Come on you’re one of the lads/girls get it down your neck!”

It’s so much easier to slot right back in, have a drink or ten and fit right back in to blend in and become part of the familiar tribe where you all accept each other’s binge drinking. It’s fun after all.. Just go with the flow and forget the change. Just have to deal with another hangover and regret in the morning.


Nobody wants to lose friends

Fair play, I get it. Nobody wants to lose friends and get criticised for their “weird idea of giving up” but making yourself vulnerable like this leads to far greater awards for you, your confidence, your health and your relationship. Your friends are not in your body, they are not experiencing what you are feeling in your mind and you need to live for you, not them!

If you know deep down that drinking is really not serving you, it is worth putting in some of your time and effort and start with small steps like a 30-day challenge of being alcohol free – that is what I did. Rather than committing yourself to a lifelong sobriety

programme, treat this as small bite sized challenges on your journey.

Mountaineers don’t climb Mount Everest by staring from the bottom to the very

top when starting out on the venture. They take one step at a time all the way to the top. And the good news is that quitting or learning to control your alcohol is FAR easier than climbing Mount Everest!

If you lose friends along the way because of you taking the brave steps to

controlling your drinking and willing to trade in that short shot of pleasure for longer-term happiness, were they really friends at all?


Realise that is starts with small steps and challenges and be willing to face reactions from friends and family and make sure you pre think out and rehearse your responses to them rather than be caught out!

Download the Face Your Fears When Quitting or Controlling Alcohol HERE


This PROGRAM is simply like no other  with the amount of support you get – Hand Held every step of the way!

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You will feel more liberated & free and feel you DO actually have a choice to drink or not to drink.

Most paid Programs rely on willpower alone – not this one! That is why most other programs fail – if you have to rely on your own willpower (this is like a muscle that tires after a short period of time) you will revert back to your old ways – GUARANTEED! 

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Beat Binge Drinking

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